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It's your dynamic duo, Talia (the red head) and Erin, her brunette bestie! Thank you for taking the time to look through our website. We hope you enjoy what you see! We've been best friends for the last 12 years, and absolutely love working as a team. We are mamas to 6 wild and crazy kids, we love to have a good time, live music is our favorite and we even spill some tea on our podcast once in a while that we started in 2021! With a passion for high-quality services, we strive to make you and your bridal party feel taken care of, seen and heard. We've been involved in the beauty industry since 2008, and our mission is to provide you with as much magic as we can. We understand that life is hectic; and planning a wedding on top of that is a true adventure! Therefore, we want to assure you that your desires mean the world to us. As qualified professionals, we can guarantee to be attentive to all of your needs and wants. If you're unsure because making choices is hard, don't worry! We can give you options and help you narrow it down. We use only the best equipment, techniques, and technology to ensure that everything we do for our guests is administered with the utmost care. Contact us for any questions about Babe Beauty Co. We can't wait to work with you✨

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